How to enable multiple remote desktop user logins in Windows 7

How to enable multiple remote desktop user logins in Windows 7

Windows remote desktop connection application can be used in order to connect to another PC on the same network or the internet. Both computers should use Windows and have the “Remote desktop connection” application available. For example, you can use all of your work computer’s programs, files, and network resources from your home computer, and it’s just like you’re sitting in front of your computer at work. You can also use it to access an application that is only installed on a single computer, by multiple users at the same time.

Windows 7 do not allow the concurrent use of a single computer by multiple users. This means that a user needs to be signed out before a second user logs in. This is not the case for the server editions of Windows. Luckily there is a patch that allows you to override this setting and connect multiple users at the same time on a single computer. The will even be able to use the same applications at the same time.

CAUTION: The following steps are probably going against the windows EULA agreement and could cause harm to your computer. I have already tested both of the patched below on windows 7 professional edition installations and could not find any issues.


Patch 1 (Does not work on Win 7 SP1)

The first patch just enables multi-user support for the Windows remote desktop connection tool:

  1. You need to download the following zip file:
  2. Unzip the contents in a folder (let’s say you have used the following path:  “C:\Win7RDP\”).
  3. Execute the file install.cmd by double clicking on it.
  4. You should see a screen similar to the one below, if everything works fine.

    Patch 1 sucessful execution screen

  5. After the end of the patching process the remote desktop connection of your pc provides multi-user support.


Patch 2

The following patch application lets you choose whether or not to enable multiuser support for the remote desktop connection process or/and to disable the no blank password policy that is enforced on users that need to connect remotely. Follow the steps below to access the application.

  1. Download the file
  2. Open the compressed file and execute the file “Concurrent RDP Patcher.exe”
  3. You should see the following screen
    Remote desktop concurrent connections patcher
  4. Check the desired options and then click the patch button.


Panagiotis Tzamtzis is the founder of TechJam. You can reach him on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+


  • Reddy - 24/02/2013

    Thanks Very much brother..

  • Martin Ryan - 12/03/2013

    Cannot get this to work on my windows 7 getting message

    patch 1
    ” Your operating system is not supported
    Only for Windows 7 Build 7600 ”
    Patch 2 gives
    Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise – Unsupported temsrv.dll is unpatched.

    Could you please help out here

    • TechJam - 12/03/2013

      Did you try both patches?

      • Abdul Jabbar - 16/05/2014

        dear, i am still unable to to log on with multiple RD users, still facing issue of log off of existing logged in user, can you please help

      • pinky - 15/10/2015

        already try both patches

    • alphart - 27/03/2013

      Hi, check your windows version “build 7…” ?

      right click on install.cmd file, edit.
      and edit the line contain “7600” with your current build version. (ex. 7601)
      save, and re run as administrator.

      • yaser - 22/02/2015

        thank you alphart, it’s work for me

    • Shoukat Ali - 31/10/2014

      2path working fine but after few days is not working then we are using 1 path this is not suported error only for 7600 so what we do for resolve this issue suggest me

  • Ben - 17/03/2013

    Top Stuff, worked a treat,, well done!!!

    • Greg - 18/10/2013

      Same here, thanks guys

  • KH Tam - 31/03/2013

    Tried the first one (edited to build 7601 as in one of your replies), got the message as you got on the CMD prompt, and didn’t work.

    Tried the second one, says “The requested operation cannot be performed with a user-mapped section opened”

    • TechJam - 31/03/2013

      Did you try to restart your pc?
      The second message sounds really strange. I haven’t seen it before.

  • Thibault Molleman - 02/04/2013

    This is very useful but I have a question.
    I manage the IT in our business and I want to use this but I’m not sure if that’s allowed. What do you think?

    • TechJam - 03/04/2013

      Since this is a patch that is going against the EULA agreement of windows, I think that this is not totaly legal…

  • - 08/04/2013

    how to know how many sessions are connected to my desktop by using Concurrent_RDP_Patcher

    • TechJam - 08/04/2013

      Check the “Users” tab in Window’s task manager screen. You can see there all the user’s of the pc that are currently active.

      • - 10/04/2013

        Thanks, now I can see how many User’s currently active.
        but how to know from which client(IP) is connected my PC through RDP session

      • - 13/11/2014

        I’m getting this error while running patch file
        microsoft windows 7 professional termsrv.dll has an unknown checksum

        can you please help me

    • Kevin - 08/06/2014

      You can also type “quser” from a command prompt. If you want to kick someone off, you can lookup their session ID with the above command, then type “reset session #”. Just be sure you are running the command prompt as an Admin.

      BTW, Great little tool… !

  • Tenlee - 03/05/2013

    does this make the system more vulnerable and easier to be hacked?

  • esfenodon - 13/05/2013

    Great patch. Works nice, now there is another admin happy in the world

    • Gonzalo - 20/06/2014

      can i print in remote ??? my printers not show when i’m conected ¡¡

  • shafaet - 15/05/2013

    it’s not work

    • TechJam - 15/05/2013

      Please try to share some additional details. This is not helpful for anyone.

  • Manuel Costa - 18/05/2013

    “Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise – unsupported”
    Why? 🙁

    • TechJam - 19/05/2013

      Didn’t ever get the chance to test it on Win 7 Enterprise… Apologies…

      • Litesh - 25/09/2016

        Yes it’s Still working on Win7 Enterprise..

  • Shahriar Gharib - 21/05/2013

    Thank you very much 🙂 now, i’am happy 😉 😀 lol

  • Shahriar Gharib - 21/05/2013

    with patch 2 🙂 😀

  • elmot - 28/05/2013

    I Tried the first patch and edited to build 7601, it works nice

    But the second Patch didn’t work…

    It says:
    OS info
    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate –
    termsrv.dll has unknown checksum

    • pinky - 15/10/2015

      Same issue here. Patch2 didn’t work & it says:
      OS info
      Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate –
      termsrv.dll has unknown checksum

  • lee deen - 29/05/2013

    Used the second patch…..but how to fix two monitors to the same pc …. and them enable multiple user logon at the same time?

    • TechJam - 29/05/2013

      Hi Lee Deen,
      This patch cannot help use two monitors for two diferrent users on a single pc… Using this patch you can have one user using the pc and at the same time have more users using the same pc through its network connection, using remote desktop

  • atul - 01/07/2013

    so simple. g8. thanks

  • Luis - 11/07/2013

    My system is Windows 7 Professional N Build 7601.

    1st patch worked OK (after edit build number in install.cmd).
    2nd patch did not. Error: ermsrv.dll has unknown checksum.

    However now I can have multiple sessions. Is there any max number of sessions that can be establish?


    • TechJam - 11/07/2013

      Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t reached a limit of open sessions yet and I have tried up to 3-4 concurrent open connections.
      Please let me know if you reach a limit I am not aware of.

    • Mayank - 22/12/2014

      Please tell me, how can i see the Windows version.
      i ac check only Windows 7 Professional.

  • Jimmy - 14/07/2013

    How can we be sure that running downloaded executables that enable multiple remote access is secure? This sounds good but a bit unsure about running it. I mean I don’t know who you are, no offense but…

    • TechJam - 14/07/2013

      You are totally right and I wouldn’t suggest the use of this patch on corporate assets 🙂

  • Java_Chick - 17/07/2013

    Well done… I’have tried at my win 7 ultimate wo SP 1….
    But how much this mulituser can accepted?
    For planning i want use for 20 workstation, that’s can be or not?


    • TechJam - 18/07/2013

      I have not tested the limits of the patch. Please let me know if you encounter any.

  • Ton - 12/08/2013

    Does it work on Windows 7 Home Premium or do I need at least a version that supports RDP?

    • TechJam - 12/08/2013

      I think it does not work. Give it a try though and let me know if it does please.

  • blitza700 - 13/08/2013

    I have used Patch 2 on my Windows 7 Ultimate and its working perfectly now I can login to make my websites while my Girl friend plays Angry Birds.

    Win, win situation for me so thank you very much posting these patches. 😀

  • ingrid - 20/08/2013

    can get to remote desktop log in after install both patches
    keeps kicking me out
    window 7 Ulitmate 7601

  • dionysis - 21/08/2013

    I have the same problem like ingrid. I can’t log in to any of my accounts now.

  • Iftaar - 22/08/2013

    i am using the same windows version and patch 1 worked.
    However, patch didnt work – giving me error as follows:

    OS info
    microsoft windows 7 professional –
    termsrv.dll has an unknown checksum


    — none to tick.

    please assist what could be the problem here??

    • TechJam - 22/08/2013

      You don’t have to use both patches. Either one is fine

  • Safo - 23/08/2013

    Concurrent RDP Patcher not work

  • KrishnaKumar G - 30/10/2013

    I tried patch 2. My AVG reported the follwing threat and removed it. It is shown as Identity protection threat, IDP.Trojan.D041AFB6..

  • vipul - 25/11/2013

    Thanks bro for your help and what to do for window home basis
    AND can you tell me how to see another user activity on the computer
    step by step

  • buldanich - 19/12/2013

    Works Like charms ….Bro…Btw Thanks A lot….i use on W 7 Pro..

  • ekim anidem - 04/01/2014

    No Joy here……..

    Office PC Windows 7 Professional SP1
    Remote Notebook – Need to switch between t10 accounts Admin/Non Admin

    Establish Remote Desktop Connection with NonAdmin account OK
    Launch @nd RDP session as Admin Prompts for user name and Password attempts to connect and returns the following error:
    Remote Desktop can’t connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons:
    1) Remote access to the server is not enabled
    2) The remote computer is turned off
    3) The remote computer is not available on the network

    Make sure the remote computer is turned on and connected to the network, and that remote access is enabled.

    Attempts to establish remote connection fails…..

    Reboot of remote computer sometimes works, most times no……

    • Ben Hill - 03/02/2014

      I’ve got this same issue.
      Any ideas on this?

  • ekim anidem - 04/01/2014

    Troubleshooting further I found the Terminal service services in a stop state and could not be restart……

    Be nice to get this working……….


  • MANEESH - 07/01/2014

    it helped me a lot

  • Dimi__ - 10/01/2014

    Patch-2 works perfect..

  • cuisinart - 02/03/2014

    Worked on Win7 32 bit enterprise 7601 with the script change. Thanks

  • marcel - 09/03/2014

    i’ve searching for this so many times. really happy i found this
    it works absolutely perfect and i can stay logged on remotely and behind my pc as well at one !

    many many thanks

  • MOHAMED - 17/03/2014

    Thanks, Its work perfect

  • SachinD - 11/04/2014

    I have installed patch1 successfully. Could anybody tell me how to remove/uninstall it?

  • Mis012 - 11/05/2014

    It looks like the exe is a little bit trojan..

  • Kiran Desai - 19/05/2014

    Works fine thank a lot bro

  • Johne742 - 05/06/2014

    I will immediately clutch your rss feed as I can not to find your email subscription link or enewsletter service. Do you have any? Please let me know in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks. kdgefebebade

  • Vinod Kumar - 18/07/2014

    I have installed 1st patch successfully. Now what do i need to take multiple session or different PC

  • Rustle - 12/08/2014

    7601 works fine! Thanks man!

  • Rlap - 17/10/2014

    patch 2, concurrent rdppatcher worked fine starting 2011-02-23 including Windows updates during that time. Today, after another win update
    a)multiple logons do not work any more
    b) trying to reinstall —> unknown checksum for termsrv.dll and checks are blanked out

    Best regards rlap

  • Ppppp - 26/10/2014

    After applying a bunch of Windows updates in October 2014 the patch does not work any more.

  • Colin - 03/11/2014

    Used program on my Windows 7 Computer and it worked great for over a year. Today I downloaded an update from Microsoft and the PC has stopped allowing RDP logins. I re-ran the programs…had to change the version number to Build 7601. It still doesn’t allow RDP logins. Has Microsoft done something in the update to foil your genius? Any help?

    My next step was to reload the original Windows 7 and start over. I’ll wait on your reply. Thanks.

    • scott - 03/01/2015

      Yeah, MS has done something recently that breaks this patch. I have re-installed Win 7 from scratch and when recent updates are applied this patch quits working 🙁

  • huseyin - 09/11/2014

    tnx is work

  • Dave Balsillie - 10/11/2014

    Confirmed. The latest batch of Windows updates replaced termsrv.dll. If anyone out there has an updated DLL patched, I’m sure a huge number of people would appreciate it.

    • JP - 22/01/2015

      Did anyone get this patch working with the recent Windows 7 updated?? Thanks.

  • javier - 28/01/2015

    i have edited the file for the build to 7601
    then restarted
    but i can log from one user only, when trying to login from another account, it says there is a problem in the remote desktop…plz advise

  • Allan - 28/12/2015

    Installed patch one and since then am unable to remote to the PC at all, window opens then closes?
    Anyone know how to uninstall this without rebuilding?

  • Abhijit - 10/02/2016

    Can i use that for thin clint wyse s50 devices?


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