How to fix quickly the “Cheatin’ Uh” error when uploading media after a WordPress update to 3.4.2

How to fix quickly the “Cheatin’ Uh” error when uploading media after a WordPress update to 3.4.2

Many WordPress site owners using a custom theme have a experienced an error when trying to add new media to their WordPress website after updating to version 3.4.2. The error message says “Cheatin’ UH?” in the english version and “Κλέβουμε;” in the Greek version.

Cheatin uh? error page

This issue is caused by the theme’s bad coding, which is not compatible with some of the features in the 3.4.2 version of WordPress.

The best solution would be to contact your theme creator and ask for a fix or a theme update, but as many of you may be in a hurry and want to fix this annoying issue quickly you can try the following:

  1. Get the following files from 3.3.2 WordPress version (if you have one available):
    • wp-admin\admin.php
    • wp-admin\media-upload.php
  2. If you do not have access to an older WordPress installation you can download them from here using the links below:
  3. Now you have to move the 3.3.2 version files to your current 3.4.2 version installation. Before moving the files, backup your current ones by renaming them (e.g. media-upload.php.bak)
  4. After renaming the original files of the WordPress 3.4.2 installation move the old files to your wp-admin folder.

Everything should be working fine now if your try to upload a file.

This is not the “safest” solution you can follow! This change may cause other WordPress features not to work, since we are replacing two basic WordPress core files with older versions but it’s a quick way to make this work. Let me know if you have other suggestions or if this worked for you!

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  • awan - 12/10/2012

    yap 3.4.2 is so Problematic , and the main Case is Roles And Capabilities, the WP 342 feature is Great but Much Code on there much being hard and hard to understand >,<

  • paman - 28/11/2012

    nice info….
    you saved my life

  • Imrul - 01/12/2012

    After 4 hour searching .. just got the right solution. It Works Guys … hurrrreeeeeh

  • Prih - 23/01/2013

    you saved my ass ! thanks.

  • Dhruba Jyoti Deka - 28/01/2013

    No, it doesn’t work.
    The WP ‘Cheatin’ uh’ is basically reflects when you are using a nullified theme.
    It’s not any wp issue, its a theme issue.

    • TechJam - 28/01/2013

      You are right this is not a wordpress error and I believe that this was clear in my article that this is caused by a buggy theme.

    • Xclamation: Website Design + Development - 02/08/2013

      This is a theme coding issue and has absolutely nothing to do with a ‘nullified’ theme.

      No changes should be made to WordPress’ core files. Instead you should contact the theme author, or, if it’s your own theme you will need to debug.

  • Terry - 07/02/2013

    Thanks so, so much. Looked everywhere for a simple solution to this and couldn’t find one. Very much appreciated.

  • Christiane - 15/02/2013


  • bigwebs - 18/03/2013

    thanks, it worked

  • Alin - 02/04/2013

    yeah, works just fine, thank you.

  • Mark - 15/04/2013

    Thanks it worked me too.

  • Danur Estu - 01/09/2015

    Wow Amazing It really works!! Thanks! 😀


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